​​​​​Image Transformation Therapy


​​Image Transformation Therapy, developed by Robert Miller, PhD, is a new approach to resolving emotional challenges. It uses a breathing and visualization technique to release feelings and clear out negative memories. Using Image Transformation Therapy involves two basic, simple ideas: One, feelings of pain and fear underlie all emotions such as guilt and shame and, two, memories can be cleared with a simple breathing/visualization protocol. The result is that traumatic memories and feelings of guilt, shame, pain and fear, can be gently and easily removed. The unique advantage of this approach over other therapies is that the intense feelings of pain, fear, guilt and shame do not have to be experienced to be released.  ​​


Feeling State Therapy, also developed by Robert Miller, PhD,  is a breakthrough in the treatment of behavioral and substance addictions that eliminates a powerful psychological dynamic creating addictive/compulsive behavior.  

The dilemma that a person with an addiction/compulsion faces is:

  • Do the behavior and get the intensely desired feeling including the negative consequences of that behavior;
  • or
  • Not do the behavior, not have the negative consequences, but also not get the desperately wanted feeling.

​Feeling State treatment solves this dilemma by breaking the fixated linkage between the feeling and the behavior. Once the linkage is broken, there is no need to exercise willpower in order to stop performing the behavior; there is no compulsion to overcome. The person is then free to experience that feeling as part of a healthy, natural behavior.

​In addition to behavioral and substance addictions, many of the most difficult to treat behaviors--such as co-dependence, anger, and certain types of obsessions--are also the result of a desired feeling linked with a behavior.